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New game modes
Smash away your competition and be the last car standing!
Rally race around CoinRacer Worlds beautiful landscapes
Hunt and destroy the DemonRacer to earn CCash rewards
Test your driving skill to the max in a 3 vs 3 Fudball match
Race to win, win to earn, earn to

Increase performance, endurance
and add a unique look for your ride!
Band together with your friends and create
your own racing team to win the
CoinRacer Championship

Disclaimer: As our game is currently in Closed Beta, you might get false/positive messages from either Windows Defender, Antivirus, or MacOS Security. Please ignore these messages as they are generated due to the fact our Game is not in the final phase of development and is not yet fully registered with Microsoft and Apple Development platforms. Also please make sure you have your latest drivers installed for your operating system (especially Windows OS users)